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A Book Is Man’s Best Companion

This is a universal idea that transcends all cultures and civilizations. Ever since writing systems were invented in ancient civilizations, human beings have been using books to share their emotions and their experiences, their fears and their joys, and to advance knowledge.

This “sharing” of knowledge and experience, of history and values, is at the heart of the Aladdin Online Library and its translation of major works into different languages. The books in this library are a collective call to conscience and to vigilance, addressed to every reader, so that ultimately the forces of reason and dialogue shall prevail.

The first works on the shelves of Aladdin are books that throw light on some of the darkest pages of history, the universal symbol of human suffering, the Holocaust.

Members of the Experts Committee of the Aladdin Online Library, intellectuals from different cultures, firmly believe in the necessity of sharing values based on mutual knowledge and mutual respect, rejection of conflicts of memory and all forms of Holocaust denial and trivialization. Their aim is to promote a greater knowledge of our common and specific cultures, more particularly those of Muslims and Jews.

Jacques Andréani,
Ambassadeur de France
Chairman of the Experts Committee



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